Roland SH-101 T1 Terminated!

Found a broken Roland SH-101 on Gumtree. Couldn’t believe my luck!
I was hoping for a simple fix, maybe a dodgy power switch or something. When I started to investigate it soon became apparent that someone had been there before me. The T1 transformer, which does DC-DC conversion from the 9VDC plug pack to the various analogue stages was missing! Also, the surrounding components had been lifted out of there solder pads. This wasn’t going to be a quick fix!

T1 Terminated!

Searching around the net and it was becoming obvious that this problem was fairly common but with no one having fixed it! Also, the T1 transformer is not available for purchase anywhere. Continue reading

Hot Rodding the Lepai TA2020

You can get a Lepai TA2020 amp off Ebay very cheaply. They sound good straight out of the box but to get the full potential a little hot rodding goes along way 🙂

Hot Rodded Lepai TA2020

Marked on the PCB are all the component values. When I started to look at the components they didn’t match up, i began measuring with my multimeter… Then I started replacing things……… (click pic).

Buckapound BoomBox

Buckapound BoomBox

It’s not often I get to put up some photos of someone elses DIY project but when I saw this my first thought was “Thats a gawd damn Minirig if I have ever seen one!” Presenting the Buckapound BoomBox.(click pic)

Minirig Hypex UcD400

The last build of the year. A good amp for a NYE party 😉
Minirig Hypex UcD400

A fairly straight forward build. All up took about 3 days. It uses a pair of Hypex UcD400st amp modules, Antrim 500VA 40-0-40v Transformer, a pair of 35A 400v bridge rectifiers, 4 x 10000uF 100v Jamicon filter caps and a SKA-Audio soft start. (click pic)


ESP P88b

Iv’e bagged up, a few Rod Elliot ESP Kits for sale. Not making massive bux out of them, just I use so much of Rod’s projects in my own DIY thought it would be good to try and make them a bit more accessible for other folks. First one is a P88b preamp, second one is a P05b power supply. They are now up for grabs so email me for more details. col. (click pic)

Iv’e stuck this up on