Minirig V2

minirig V2 was one of my bigger ventures. It was a 2k system and even had its own generator and trailer. This system did a few parties in Melbourne, notably a fund raiser for a trip to East Timor in the Rob Roy on gertrude/brunswick st and a birthday party for jc in Yeltza back room. This system went up to East Timor for NYE 2000. Nice feature was the single 15″ Lorantz 500w bandpass subs.

minirig V2 at a beach party Dili 2000

The system was bi-amped using a ARX 24db per octave linkwitz riley electronic crossover and two Yamaha P series amps, a P4500 for the bottom end and a P3600 for the mid-highs. Mid-high cabinets loaded with 15″ Eminence 300w + 1″ compression driver/horn. It also had a dual 31 band Furman graphic EQ. Some pictures here.

What did Harris have to say about the Trip to East Timor for NYE2000?

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