Minirig V6

minirig V6 is the current mobile sound system for gigs, it is a tri-amped system using the rack from V5. It has another rack with a crown XLS 202 amp and a Behringer super X-pro CX3400 electronic crossover in it. This is used to power the midbass boxes, which consist of a pair of reworked Arcam Ones. The old Audax drivers had died long ago but the cabinets are made of 18mm mdf and have good internal bracing and padding. I simply took the tweeter out, cut out a hole and in it’s spot put a 66mm vent. The driver selected is an eminence beta 8″ 225w 8ohm.

The horns are JBL 2407H 1″ with neodynium magnets and the PT waveguides. These are a rebadged BMS 4540ND. They sound amazing.
V6 mid-high

The system has also got a powered sub, loaded with a P-Audio 15″ 300mb challenger.

V6 sub

This has a audiophile Redgum plate amp modified for very low frequencies.

V6 sub amp

The rack powering the whole system.

V6 rack

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