Minirig V4

In 2003-04 I went up to East Timor to work for 15 months. Whilst I was there I built a bang-for-buck sound system to do parties with. I took a Jaycar 350w 4ohm plate amp, a pair of 3 way crossovers and a Adire Tempest 15″ subwoofer with me, plus my CDJ100s and Behringer 300MX dj mixer. All the rest of the rig was purchased from local sources. I manged to find a pair of Indonesian made Audax 12″ full range drivers and a pair of empty PA mid-high boxes, which I loaded with the Audax 12″ and some midrange, tweeters I bought from the same shop. These were powered by a 100w per channel kenwood HiFi amp.

Later on I updated this system by bringing in a DSE 80w per channel Hifi amp and another Jaycar 350w 4ohm plate amp. Another pair of mid-highs were made up and a pair of locally sourced 15″ woofers were added. I don’t have any photos of the later version of V4, so if anyone has any photos please send. here are some photos of the earlier V4 in a bar though. early minirig V4

speaker + drink stand

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