10″ Powered Speaker (foldback)

The last few parties it would have been very handy to have some foldback or at least a good monitor that comes straight out of the main mixer, post-fader, pre-compressor. Iv’e been looking at a lot of the plastic 10″ powered speakers but the prices are high for something that would be loud enough to keep up with the main system. However, I found one of these on ebay and purchased one for $197. It has no brand name but looks like a copy of a EV.
powered 10

Plugged it in and for what I paid, it sounds amazing! Next thing to do was to take a peek inside the case. First thing that I noticed was that the amp has dual modules. So it is actually a bi-amp system:


The torrodial transformer is a good sign too. Back to have a look at the specs:



10″ 2-Way Injection Molded speaker box with inbuilt amplifier module.

Woofer:- 10″ woofer,50.5mm VC,27.8 OZ, 4 Ohm.
Tweeter:- 34mm Ti.Diap driver,16 Ohm.
Frequency Response:- 50-17KHz(-10dB).
Sensitivity:- 94±2dB/M/W.
Power Output:- 160WRMS.
Red LED Signal Indicator (on front) I unplugged this as it looked like a clipping light when it was just for signal.
Electronics X Over Control
Built in speaker protection
Weight:- 13.2Kg.
Dimensions:- L x 260mm, H x 480mm, W x 360mm.

1. Microphone Input, Balanced XLR, Level Control
2. Microphone/Signal Input, Unbalanced XLR + Dual RCA, Single Level Control for both.
3. Line Output, Balanced XLR + 6.5mm (used for linking cabinets).
4. Treble Control
5. Bass Control
6. Master Volume Control

The amp interface:

amp module

The drivers are substantial too, I estimate a 2″ voice coil on the woofer and around 1″ compression on the Horn:

back of drivers

The front surround is corrugated cloth:

without grill

The plastic is around 5mm thick, so not bad for a cheap plastic speaker. Later on if I can be bothered I might transfer the components to a 18mm MDF wood cabinet.

Lets see what the spectrum analyzer says:


More photos here.

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