Minirig Camping

This is a smaller 800W system for events where MINIRIG V8 is overkill – house parties, small outdoor shows, chill zones etc.

Minirig Camping

This system can fit in a hatchback (with room for camping gear), and can run well from an inverter and batteries, as all amps are efficient Class D.

This has been evolving for a few years with various amps, crossovers  and speakers in play, but this is the current state of the system as of mid 2021.

Minirig Camping mixer


  • 100W+100W of Hifimediy T1 Class D amplification driving Wharfedale Titan 8 passive satellite speakers. UPDATED MAY 2022 to a¬† Power Dynamics PDD500 Class D amplifier, for 150W+150W into 8 ohm.
  • Behringer iNUKE 1000 Class D amp, bridged mono driving two 16ohm 12″ Lorantz bass speakers in parallel for about 500W, in sealed enclosures.
  • Crossover and EQ is a Symetrix 760 DSP processor, EQ tuned via measurement mic for an even response (the Wharfedale Titans a bit bright sounding without it), as well as managing the LF so the sealed bass enclosures work well.
  • Yamaha MG06 mixer providers a simple clean front end for DJs and performers to connect to.
  • 1200W Pure Sine 12v->240vac inverter for when being run in “off-grid” mode