Minirig V1

Version 1 was a very mini and short lived affair. Comprising of a Jands J300S 100w per channel amp, a pair of Jaycar 10″ response woofers and a pair of Motorola piezo horns. It did a few gigs though, including (I think) the launch of secession records in Smith St, Fitzroy back in 1998. The speakers had this really nice bottom end which was mainly due to good port tuning. Sadly they couldn’t handle much of a flogging and sucumbed to voice coil burnout at a gig in Yeltza where Ollie Olsen put pay to them with a home made analogue synth. Sounded awesome up until the burnout though. I don’t have any photos of V1, if anyone has any digital pictures of it hanging around on there hard drive would appreciate it if they send me a copy.

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