audio links worth checking out

Here are some audio related sites Minirig use and recommend:

  • Elliot Sound Products: the master resource for DIY (and non DIY!) audio knowledge. Start here. Always. Good sanity check against the mass of audiophile silliness out there.
  • Australian Technical Production Services: another great resource for Aussie DIY PA.
  • DIYaudio forums: massive resource with long and involved discussion forums on design and contruction and tweaking of audio gear.
  • Rockby components. Great source of low cost but quality electronic parts in Melbourne Australia, especially capacitors.
  • Speakerbug: quality capacitors, inductors and resistors and other DIY speaker components.
  • Gainphile’s audio blog. Open baffle, Waveguides, Class D amps, active crossovers… great Melbourne audio blog with a depth of info.
  • Red Spade Audio blog: another Melbourne audio blog with a depth of information and great projects documented.
  • Muff Wiggler: Excellent resource for everything Synth.

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