ART 4 Way 24db Crossover ESP P125 Retro-fit

ESP P125

Recently, I have been busy working on a new minirig PA which was going to be called v7 and was almost compleated as a 3 way active. Now Iv’e decided to skip v7 altogether and move straight to V8.

Minirig V8 will be a 4 way active. Over the Australia Day weekend I finished retro-fitting this pair of 4 way mono crossovers which will be at the heart of the system. (click pic)

cheapowave speaker build, MK II – econowave

After experimenting with various combos of crossover values, although the MK I cheapowave using the Pyle PDS221 compression driver sounded OK.. the high end was never really impressing me.
Note: this post continues on from cheapowave MK I postwhich documents building the cabinets etc

After reviewing the Econowave thread on Audiokarma yet again I ordered in a  Selenium D220Ti-8 from Parts Express in the USA. The shipping cost almost as much as the drivers themselves.. but although I could probably find a more than acceptable replacement from the P.Audio drivers from Cannon Online, I decided to go with a combination that already has shown so many good results for others, plus the hard yards on the crossover circuit has already been done by people with way more expertise than myself.

The Selenium drivers arrived, and the immediate impression is that they are bigger then the Pyles.

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minor tweak : re-capping the JPW Sonata bookshelf speakers

I while back I got some JPW Sonata speakers from EBAY for $67 AUD. They are nice “entry level” English bookshelf speakers of reasonable quality…

Laurie Anderson is sitting on my bed singing to me this evening. Earlier Tom Waits popped in.

Basically, I am gobsmacked by these little sealed boxes. I don’t know if it’s because they are in a small, quiet bedroom, mounted on a solid wall, or because they have an Audio Innovations amplifier powering them. They are sublime and emit this beautiful warmth and richness that makes me not want to leave the room.

I’m not quite as impressed as the above reviewer, but they are very nice little speakers for the size and price, especially for acoustic music.

And the sealed enclosure means they mate very well with a subwoofer.

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cheapowave speaker build, MK I


Learn about making speakers by building some 2 way speakers using some low cost drivers using ideas borrowed from the AudioKarma Econowave project. And make some full sounding floor standing speakers by virtue of big cabinets and large drivers.



And knowing a hell of a lot more about speakers than I did 6 months ago. Thanks to Col for all the help and hints in getting this off the ground.
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