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The DENON PRIME GO as main DJ device, one year on

I’ve had the DENON PRIME GO now for just over a year. It replaced my Linux laptop / MIXXX / Pioneer DDJ-SB2 setup, which was great – but I’d had the occasional cryptic crash on stage that was near impossible to replicate in my home studio and debug effectively.

I feel I haven’t abandoned Linux as the ENGINE OS DJ platform is an embedded Linux appliance under the hood – though it is not open source.


Great sound, convenient, reliable. Not perfect, but more than good enough. I’ve played a bunch of shows of various sizes using this device in the last year and it has delivered. It lets me enjoy the music and have fun.

I had one hardware failure with it – the cross-fader stopped working, but not while playing “live”.  Denon/DJCITY repaired this under warranty, which took about 6 weeks.

On to the details….

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Check out this informative SOUND SYSTEMS of MELBOURNE webpage by El Gran Mono, featuring Minirig and a whole pile of info on some of the amazing Sound Systems that make up the rich scene in Melbs.
To quote the page itself:

In early 2020 we worked with Geelong-based illustrator Rick Chesshire to create our FIELD GUIDE TO THE SOUND SYSTEMS OF MELBOURNE, a limited edition print sold via our website. Based on the UK SOUND GUIDE and other similar sound system pictorials, this was the first attempt at cataloguing sound system culture in Australia.

Melbourne is a city synonymous with the arts and below are some of the sound systems which contribute to the rich vibrancy of this culture.



Sound Systems of Melbourne Field Guide – featuring MINIRIG V8

This poster came out last year, but we were a bit sidetracked with COVID-19 so only got around to mentioning it now.


Published by El Gran Mono, they created a great roundup of the Sound Systems Of Melbourne in poster form, that features MINIRIG V8 as well as some other notable sound systems in on the scene.

It looks like copies are still available in the El Gran Mono shop at this link.

MIXXX 2.1 has been released

ZOG + Col preferred DJ software Mixxx has had a new release of stable version 2.1

MIXXX 2.1 has arrived

this is now the preferred build to use from the official Mixxx PPA source, so the previous posts about using specific alpha builds or building from source are obsolete.

The Download instructions, including Ubuntu Linux PPA install source, are here:
MIXXX Download Instructions

The ZOG DJ rig is still:

Pioneer DDJ SB2

Dell Latitude E6410 with i5 M540 CPU
It has been upgraded with a Toshiba OCZ TR150 Series 960GB SSD.

Xubuntu Linux, 16.04 -lowlatency kernel

current ZOG MIXXX setup Jan 2018

The last post on MIXXX I made is now out of date, so here’s what I’ve been using recently, as since the MIXXX team are releasing .deb files of their nightly builds, I’ve been trying them instead of the self compiled version.

Installed version of MIXXX
Downloaded from http://downloads.mixxx.org/builds/master/release/

ZOG DJ rig with DDJ SB2

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