HF144 with FaitalPro LTH142 and Pyle PH916 – outdoors directivity measurements

OK, we know that simple on axis, straight into the speaker frequency measurements aren’t the whole story – getting a range of measurements at different angles gives a better idea for speakers getting general use, not the whole glued to the magic sweetspot that a lot of hifi has.

So it was time to do some directivity measurements. I don’t have the a licensed copy of ARTA so I can’t do the heatmaps ala Gainphile’s site – but at least Room EQ Wizard is a nice free package that makes it fairly easy to overlay lots of frequency response graphs in different colours.
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trying Pyle PH916 constant directivity waveguide: first impressions

I wanted to try some different waveguide options besides the FaitalPro LTH142 before I start making enclosures – and noticed the Pyle PH916 was a quite decent looking, inexpensive, candidate – but very little information about people using it at all on the web, unlike lots of other waveguides. But it is sold as a constant directivity waveguide, and in fact the waveguide I use in my Econowave speakers is a smaller model from Pyle so I gave it a try.
Pyle and FaitalPro waveguides side by side
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