ConnexElectronics TA3020 V3c amplifier module.. built into a ugly but functional steel case.

I recently ordered one of these modules after being very impressed with the sound of an earlier version of this module I borrowed from Col. It’s an amp module using the Tripath TA3020 IC, which can do up to 110W at 8Ω, with max. 0.1% THD, though I’m more interested in the 50W per channel it can do with just 0.02% THD.

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ART 4 Way 24db Crossover ESP P125 Retro-fit

ESP P125

Recently, I have been busy working on a new minirig PA which was going to be called v7 and was almost compleated as a 3 way active. Now Iv’e decided to skip v7 altogether and move straight to V8.

Minirig V8 will be a 4 way active. Over the Australia Day weekend I finished retro-fitting this pair of 4 way mono crossovers which will be at the heart of the system. (click pic)


ESP P88b

Iv’e bagged up, a few Rod Elliot ESP Kits for sale. Not making massive bux out of them, just I use so much of Rod’s projects in my own DIY thought it would be good to try and make them a bit more accessible for other folks. First one is a P88b preamp, second one is a P05b power supply. They are now up for grabs so email me for more details. col. (click pic)

Iv’e stuck this up on