Minirig Symetrix 420 ConnexElectronic TA2022

1.6kg, 100W per channel, Class-T with SMPS.
Symetrix TA2022

Just finished this amp that some may find interesting. I wanted to build a 19″ 1RU (rack unit) Class-D power amp that would be light and compact. Using the ConnexElectronic TA2022 amp module, the SMPS250 PSU and the speaker protection module. It was a bit fiddly as I had to cut 5mm off the heatsinks and replace all the big caps with 35mm ones. (click pic)

Orbital Live at Billboard

Orbital Roadcase

An amazing concert. Very lucky to be able to see Orbital live in such a small venue.Iv’e put up a few photos taken by Bunny from the show and added a few extra of the Orbital live rig 😉 (click pic)

ART 4 Way 24db Crossover ESP P125 Retro-fit

ESP P125

Recently, I have been busy working on a new minirig PA which was going to be called v7 and was almost compleated as a 3 way active. Now Iv’e decided to skip v7 altogether and move straight to V8.

Minirig V8 will be a 4 way active. Over the Australia Day weekend I finished retro-fitting this pair of 4 way mono crossovers which will be at the heart of the system. (click pic)