Behringer DEQ2496 DAC Direct Out mod

TDEQ2496 DAC Direct Out mod

Did this mod over the weekend. It’s a bypass of the Behringer output stage to get a cleaner output from the AKM AK4393 DAC chip.

There are quite a few attempts at this to be found on the internet but they all seem to damage the original unit, permanently disabling the opamp outputs. I wanted a mod that would give me a nice clean DAC direct out but with the flick of a switch revert the unit back to it’s original form. This mod comprises of an additional Mini-XLR with the de-coupled DAC Direct out and a bypass switch which can toggle between the Behringer output stage or the modded DAC direct out.

Below is an image of the circuit that Behringer uses on the DEQ2496 (and DCX2496) outputs. With this bypassed the only components are a couple of de-coupling caps.
Behringer opamp output stage

By splitting the ribbon cable I was able to take the signal off the DAC chip and add a switch between the output opamp stage using wires, from the red 7(L+), 10(R+), 14(sig gnd).

ribbon cable splice

Once the switch was in place I could solder the new capacitor de-coupled outputs to one side and the original outputs to the other.

DAC out mod

view of the switch and Mini-XLR from the back.

Mini-XLR and toggle switch


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