Minirig ConnexElectronics Tripath TA3020


Finally finished my TA3020. A few hurdles in the build. Had some grounding issues and managed to drill through one of the electrolytic capacitors 😐 Is all done and powering my compression drivers now in my tri-amp system, sounding sweet as. (clic pic)

7 thoughts on “Minirig ConnexElectronics Tripath TA3020

  1. Nice job, Col.
    How about the Rectifier bridge next to the mains connector ? U use that one to cancel the GND loop noise ?
    I would like to make one observation:
    If you intend to use at hi-power levels for long time, u can place a fan at the en of the heatsink, just over the housing holes, which can be seen in dsc01802 picture.

  2. Hi Cristi,

    The Loop Breaker Circuit I used came from ESP:

    That and using balanced interconnects dealt with the grounding issues. What I didn’t realise though was that all the mounting holes are attached to the ground plane. I had to isolate these from the chassis with nylon screws and spacers. Only the center mounting point goes to the loop breaker circuit.

    At the moment I’m not using the amp in a very high power situation and it’s not getting very hot. If I put a bigger transformer in and use it in my PA I will put a fan on the heatsink.

    This is a great value module. It’s sounding crystal clean 😉

  3. hey col, nice work. the saga of my truepath continues (story for another time). very tempted to get one of these modules just to get up and running.

    you mentioned balanced ins. you using transformers again, or does this module have balanced input stages? (if so that might just tip me over the edge…)

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