A Catalogue of Woe – T.K. Bollinger and That Sinking Feeling

Been very much enjoying this gloomy Melbourne doom/blues/alterna outing from T.K. Bollinger and That Sinking Feeling – I ordered a prerelease copy via the bands Facebook page, and went for the deluxe version with the lovely hardback book.

Reminiscent of Nick Cave (without the deep register vocals) and Wreckery, the jagged, sparse instrumentation really hits the spot, with some genuinely catchy (albeit gloomy) songs that really stick in the brain like a gloomladen ear worm.
Great stuff.

web link: http://tkbollinger.com/product/catalogue-woe-album/

BLACK MOY, Zoe Keating, Bersarin Quartett, The Children’s Encyclopædia

A quite varied range here, ranging through techno, modern classical, electronic (IDM?) and guitar ambient noise:

BLACK MOY: Parameters – some more nice meat and potatoes minimal:

Bersarin Quartett : pleasant orchestral sounding IDM.. or IDM sounding Orchestral? not sure:
found via mention on SNA forums.

Zoe Keating: Into The Trees – Modern Classical..but has almost an electronic austere feel to it.

The Children’s Encyclopædia – The Strings That Make The Music : floaty ambient electric guitar stuff.