Numark Mixtrack Pro – great with Linux and MIXXX

In Minirig HQ the Numark Mixtrack Pro has become the go to digital DJ interface.

I last tried MIXXX a few years ago with a Atom based netbook and it was a bit underpowered for the task. Now with a second hand i5 based laptop the current version of MIXXX is very stable and gets great latency with the Mixtrack Pro.

Of course we had to open it up and take a look inside – well, I needed to fix a slightly noisy crossfader with some contact cleaner so needed to open it up anyway, but it was a good opportunity to check inside to see what makes the Mixtrack Pro tick:

Audio and USB boards

Looking close at what I think are the DAC chips:

I think they are a Cirrus Logic CS4344 – but I’m not sure….

Doing some measurements using Room EQ Wizard with a combined system of the tape input on a Xenyx 1204FX mixer, a MIC2496 balanced A-.D converter, and the Mixtrack pro I got a very reasonable THD of 0.007% at 1Khz – and its interesting the unit only has response up to 19kz – though given its intended use of DJing that’s not the end of the world:

1 thought on “Numark Mixtrack Pro – great with Linux and MIXXX

  1. Yeah, this is an awesome bang4buck DJ platform, iv’e mainly been using my Mixxx/Mixtrack-Pro to fill in between DJ’s at parties, but its got the cohunas when needed to rock! . Iv’e been using mine for well over 6 months now and it’s proved reliable and has very good sound quality, I’m using it with linux on an old core2duo with a SSD.

    If you are looking for a bag to carry the big-arse thing around in don’t bother spending $100+ on an actual “DJ controller bag”. Just get one of the maximum allowable dimension inflight, cabin baggage wheelie cases, it fits perfect and you can get your laptop, stand and cables in it aswell! 😉


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