MIXXX DJ software – ZOG preferred build

I’m just documenting this here for reference, and perhaps others find this useful.

  • MIXXX is my preferred DJ software, it works well with the Numark Mixtrack Pro interface
  • One reason to go the digital DJ route is to maximise sound quality, this means FLAC files where possible, CD rips or purchased as wav from beatport, bleep.com or bandcamp.. and 320k mp3 when FLAC files are simply not available..
  • But I found the MIXXX 2.0 series (or earlier) had issues decoding some valid flac files purchased from bandcamp.com, causing sound to abruptly cut out, while MIXXX appears to continue playing
  • after discussing with the incredibly helpful MIXXX developers they pointed me to the MIXXX 2.1 alpha source code available on github, which uses a new audio decoding engine.
  • This fixed all my issues and has proven to be very stable. The effects I have found not that great, but I don’t use them much, sticking to relatively straight forward mixing.

So here are the steps….

I have used this version with great results at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016 and other gigs (not that I have played many this year!) with great stability.

So here is the “ZOG RECOMMENDED” mixxx nuild, many thanks to “Tapir” of the MIXXX forums for assistance.

This uses this MIXXX pull request for writing audio tags back to the files.
I use this with Xubuntu 14.04 LTS with the low latency kernel installed.

May need some steps added to work, as I’m going back to this after a while:

sudo apt-get build-dep mixxx
sudo apt-get install libupower-glib1 libupower-glib-dev
git clone https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx.git
cd mixxx
git fetch origin pull/728/head
git checkout -b pullrequest FETCH_HEAD
# set j to number of cores you have to speed up build...
scons -j 4
sudo scons install

.. any steps I have missed are likely to be documented at Compiling MIXX on Linux

I expect once 2.1 is released as the stable build and .deb installer files become available I won’t have to do this any more.