Minirig Amp9-Basic

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Minirig 41hz Amp9-Basic 

The Sure Electronics 4x100W was great for a bush party but turn it on inside a house and the hiss from the speakers was annoying. I swapped it out for a Amp9-Basic. This is a truly awesome amp with many features.

2 thoughts on “Minirig Amp9-Basic

  1. very interesting. seeing this got me looking at, and at the possibility of building a Truepath based amp to run what will my new mains (a pair of BFM DR-200’s running eminence beta-8 drivers)

    i was looking at building an amp based on a pair of UcD400’s, but the truepath is an interesting (and cheaper) alternative.


  2. Hi Ben,

    Yes, those Trupath kits look great! and you can get the PSU kits to power it from them as well. Worth checking out the forums and chatting with the audio nerds in there.

    Beta 8s being powered by a Truepath! minirig v6 used Beta 8s they are an awesome midrange. Very loud and excellent value for money, you can pick them up for $75 each if you search around. They are a bit heavy to carry though.

    Have you checked out the P-Audio SN-8MB? If your rig is going to be mobile you might want to consider these. They are Neodymium and only weigh 1kg. carry them. Paired with their excellent SD450N Neo 1 Inch Bolt-on Comp. Driver you would have a light weight very powerful mid-high section.


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