Minirig Hypex UcD180 amp

minirig Hypex Ucd180

Made an amp up for AB.

It has a linear power supply and two of the Class D Hypex UcD180ST modules in it. There are some pictures here.

Just a little bit of parts spec:

Amp modules: 2 x Hypex UcD180ST
Transformer: Nuvotem 300VA 2x30v (RS components)
Rectifier: KBPC3504 400V 35 Amp (Altronics)
Reservoir capacitors: 2 x Nichicon 10000uf 63v GU (RS components)

4 thoughts on “Minirig Hypex UcD180 amp

  1. ahh lovely! alan will be very happy. My current system’s amp uses the same modules for the mains. never once missed a beat. One of my projects for the second half of the year is a modular amp using 3 (with room for 4) UcD400’s. have you seen Hypex’s new switchmode PS? certainly saves weight on a protable system. wondering about noise, but if its as good quality as their other gear, it will be fine. cheers! Ben

  2. Hi Ben, do you have any pictures of your speakers? Alan mentioned them. The Hypex SMPS180 isn’t available yet. I think mid this year.


  3. just leaving a note to say that the minirig hypex ucD180 is sounding f**king amazing. Been listening to tons of spacious minimal electronic stuff which has never sounded so good, and now finding it difficult to leave studio due to sound-awesomeness.

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