Inside the Behringer MS20 20 watt stereo near field monitor: reviewed and dismantled

I have had a pair of Behringer MS20 monitors speakers. I’ve had them for a about 6 months or so. They have a fairly thin, but detailed sound for the price point. One thing with them is a good mix sounds VERY good, while a bad mix, or a badly encoded mp3, sounds woeful. I would ot call them mega accurate, but they do seem to show up bad mixes very well.


Note that I dont use these for writing music on, mainly just general music listening.. in fact more as a high end set of 2:1 PC speakers than anything, which they are great for.

I got bored late last year and voided the warranty and opened them up, so here are some pictures of what the insides look like:


The tweeter


The circuit board


The back of the woofer


Front of the woofer dangling out of the cabinet



3 thoughts on “Inside the Behringer MS20 20 watt stereo near field monitor: reviewed and dismantled

  1. I heard these monitors so i can say that they worth the money. I like that they have 2 analog and 2 digital inputs!
    Sound is superb for this kind of a small speaker, bas is amazing! You get the bas but I have noticed some upper bas lift, that is because the bas reflex ports are located on front side so lots of mid bases pass through also. That is normal for small speakers in this price range.
    The minus i give for buttons on front side, there is air turbulence when you listen loud so you can hear nasty distorted sound 🙂

    • If you had nothing else, they would be adequate for music production. Mixing and mastering maybe not.
      Even better quality bookshelf hifi speakers would be a step up.
      I still use my MS-20 speakers, but as good quality computer speakers, not for any serious music stuff.

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