4 thoughts on “Minirig 10″ Mid-High with 10″ waveguide and compression driver

  1. These look great! I have been planning to build something just like this. Have you posted up any more details?

  2. Hi Jmorken,

    Most of the detail is in the photo descriptions (click pic). Parts were bought from partsexpress.com.

    Signal dividing is done with Rod Elliot’s ESP P09b active crossover for the mains and a ESP P48 to blend in another amp powering a pair of sealed subs. These both receive there signal from a ESP P88 with an extra output see: (http://pix.minirig.org.au/main.php?g2_itemId=291&g2_page=2).

    I also use an active EQ a Behringer DEQ2496 using the digital in/out and Digital to analogue conversion is taken care of with a Citypulse DAC.


  3. Just wondering how you made the foam plug. It is very neatly done. Also curious where you got the foam.

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