Inside the Behringer UCA-202 USB sound card

Well, in a previous blog post on the ZOG blog I noted the Behringer UCA-202 USB sound card works fine with Linux and has quite good sound for the price point. After using it for a while quite happily, I got curious and opened it up to see what is inside. Essentially, not a lot but you can see the guts of the system is pretty much the Burr Brown PCM2902E chip.

Top of the board:


Bottom of the board:


9 thoughts on “Inside the Behringer UCA-202 USB sound card

  1. Yeah, and it’s also got a headphone amp with seperate volume control (3.5mm stereo out) – though it doesn’t have great sound quality its OK for monitoring whats going on, or as an extra output in a pinch.

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  3. I haven’t tried the digital output. I have no reason to think it wouldn’t work.. but then I’ve never tried it either

  4. saw this come though on rss 🙂

    I have one of these and its plugged into my ubuntu box and works fine.

    one question though
    .. how do I get flash player to use it?

    Audio from flash player when browsing seems to go to the crappy onboard sound even though everything else is playing via the ucs 202.

  5. im using one on ubuntu and it works fine, have it set as the main device since i fried the onboard card.

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